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Glass Lid

EPT supplies glass parts for different kind of home appliance assembly . For example : Glass lid for cookware, glass lid for baking pot , Glass lid for Rice cooker , Glass door for Oven etc…

The glass lid that we supply including two major type :

Float Tempered Glass

Daily Ordinary Glass

Simple flat glass piece or with angle

The glass lid can be customized manufacturing . It can be with color or be transparent .

The glass lid can be with different shape :

Round, square, oval etc…

The Glass Lid that that we supply for Cookware includes :

T Shape Glass Lid

C Shape Glass Lid

G Shape Glass Lid

The glass can be with or without air vent .

Also it can be assembled with Stainless steel rim or without .

The thickness for the glass and the stainless steel rim can be customized .

Glass lid for cookware is normally 3-4MM thickness .

Pls contact us if you need any glass part .

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