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Customised industrial heater,commercial use heating element ,heating resistance

we provide industrial heater or heating element for different industrial field and commercial appliance ,such as :

Finned tubular heater for conduction application , convection application, radiation application.

Heating element for dryer , heating and cooling system Industrial heater for oil and gas system . Industrial heating element for power station , Fin heating element for power load bank

Immersion heater with flange for mold heater, oil heater Cartridge heater for hot runner,

cartridge heating element for 3D printing machine ,

Electric heater for central air system , heating element for duct heater.

explosion proof heater, flanged heater in different size Anti-Corrosion heating element for galvanic plant,

Titanium heating element for electroplating equipment PTC heater for AC flow fan, PTC heater for DC fan.

If you have any need of OEM industrial heater , commercial heating element and heating resistance . please

contact us


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