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Quality Control 

Wide range of products inspections according to Client’s needs, with our  Quality Control System, we watch over every necessary step of your development and buying projects in China.

We act as your on-site representative and monitor the production procedure to ensure quality standards are met, and the cargo you will receive is what you are looking for.

Our Quality Control methods service covers a variety of industries of hardline and soft line product .

Major lines of total quality control

Pre-Production Samples Checking, evaluate quality, material, identify the specification, making sure the conformity of the pre-production samples as request.

Final Qc inspection

statistical quality control, specification, Quantity, packaging.

In line Production inspection

In order to ensure that the products are being produced under the requested specification, early stage of production inspection is important and necessary, to avoid serious problems and limit the probability of mistakes

Loading Supervising

Quantity, Quality, packaging, careful loading.

Laboratory Testing

Follow up, ensure the products are compliant with the required certificate & Regulations in your country.

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