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E.P.T. is always making efforts to improve and strengthen our self to fulfill any needs from you

Who we are:


Since 2009, E.P.T. focus on product development,contracted OEM manufacturing,sourcing and purchasing.

Majorly  we are working on the development and manufacturing of electric parts and engineering components for electric appliances and industrial equipments and machinery. and Our products specialty is heating element.

We do OEM customised heating element for electric home appliances like Coffee machine , Oven, electric grill and toaster etc.. meanwhile we are make industrial heaters like immersion heater or PTC heater etc for industrial used .

As a Solutions Provider , our mission is to reduce time, cost and risk for our clients during the procedures of product development until cargo received.

We assist you from any aspects of supply chain management in China to help you realize the greatest profit.

Knowing well the manufacturing structures in China, over these years we have built-up strong & reliable relationship with local manufacturers in different product lines.This, and working closely with our clients , make us be able to provide the right products with competitive price & on time delivery.


E.P.T is dedicated to the needs to the companies who want to become more competitive through innovation and substantial cost savings inside their industries.

Our Services

Developing and manufacturing new products is a challenge that every company faces  >>

Logistics is one of most important factors in supply chain management  >>

Custom-made sourcing and procurement services, we are purchasing your merchandise on your behalf.  >>

Grounded with inspiration and creation ,understanding of your needs , demands  >>

Wide range of products inspections (hardline & soft line) according to Client’s needs  >>

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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