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Customised tubular heating element manufacturing

We can make the tubular heating element , or how it is also name as electric heating resistance for

home used electric appliance and other Commercial used , industrial used appliances and machinery.

For example , we are supplying :

Industrial oven heater with flange

Home used oven heating resistance

PTC heater for egg bolier

PTC heating element for coffee warmer

Water heater element

Electric grill tubular heater

Steam generator heating element

Sandwich maker tubular heating element

Flange heater for mold heater etc.

And during the processes of heating element manufacturing, we have 3 times quality checking , 2 times of 100% checking , and 1 final random checking after the package before delivery to our customer to insure the heating elements are working properly

If you have any project need OEM manufactured heating element , please let us know .


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