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Heating element, tubular heater, electric parts

Before the Labor holiday , we have tried our best to load the container and send the LCL PTC heater to shipping

carrier warehouse , so it will catch up the master ship during the May Day holiday , otherwise ,we only can catch up the

Master ship that is on board after May 8th .

For the container , it is all the electric parts for home appliance .

We are working on OEM customised electric heating element for appliances, such as Electric oven, coffee makers ,

air conditioner, electric heater and other industrial used.

Also we help our clients develop and sub-contract manufacturing other electric parts & components.

The electric parts are included bellow:

Power cord,Die Cast Aluminium product,Thermostat, Thermistor

Mold, plastic injection mold, metal punch/pressing mold PCBA, PCB assemblyBakelite part

Insulation material: PTFE/FEP/PFA tubing, fiberglass sleeve

Besides supplying the semi parts or components that our clients need for Complete product assembly, some time we help them to buy machines for Manufacturing production as well.

Normally we consolidate all the products our clients purchase in China. Then ship out within one shipment at a time . This helps our clients a lot of time and cost.


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