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Canton Fair,II

Looking for new factory, supplier , new product in Canton Fair

The Canton Fair is one of the most important product exhibitions in the world , and is the Platform for the suppliers and Buyers to know each other.

Every Section , the Spiring fair & the Autumn Fair , there are a lot of manufactures , developers , services companies attending the fair to display and present their new products , design ,and idea to the buyers , and the Major exhibitor are from China. Therefore , Canton fair is a good platform and advertisement for Made in China Product . Also, in the fair, there are foreign exhibitors as well .

Meanwhile , a lot of buyers, designers, , the importers , the retailers , the purchasing agencies , they come from all over the world to Guangzhou to attend the Fair .

As the fair is a good place for sourcing new products , learn the market , and find new supplier , build up close relationship with existing suppliers .

When the buyers visiting the fair , there are a lot of vendor in the fair for the same products , and they collect the contact information, after the Fair , they will try to do the information sorted , and here might some issues will happens :

How to clarify the supplier is trading or manufacturer

How to compare the price is competitive or not ?

How to make sure the quality from the new supplier is guarantee ?

EPT is Located in Guangzhou as well ,and we help our clients on OEM product development and manufacturing . Also, we help our clients do product sourcing , order follow up , supplier evaluation , and do quality inspection , to make sure their importing from China works fluently

If you find any new products & manufacturer from the fair , we can help on the supply Chain management.

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