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Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing

To make plastic injection mold is very precision work, as the mold quality affect the part injection molding production a lot .Meanwhile , a lot of other issue will affect the mold making .

Normally during the process of making injection mold , we need to concern the below:

Mold Base: ( Die Set ) : For mold base , there are standard size which can cover most of the needs and suitable for perspective injection machine . And there are some company they make good quality die set and is fames in the mold industry . Normally we use the mold base from LKM,HASCO,DME.

When we choose the mold base , we need to concern two aspect :

1: Injection machine

2: Size of the injected product

Mold Material ( Mold Cavity & Core insert )

The mold material decides the life time of the mold

when we choose the mold material ; we will consider the below :

1: Customer’s request , as this is related to Cost of the injection mold

2: Plastic material type of the Injected product : this will decide the hardness of the mold steel

In the mold industry , there are well known mold steel brand : ASSAB, Gröditz, KOSHUHA,BOHLER,MITSUBISHI STEEL etc…

Mold Cavity : this is decided by : size of injection part , structure of injected parts , size of injection machine , production quantity .


In the design of injection mold , we choose the gate way base on the structure of the plastic product and the thermoplastic type . there are some basic gating as below :

Edge Gate , also called Side Gate

Direct Gate , sprue gate

Pin-Point Gate (including Submarine gate , Tunnel gate )


Fan Gate

In the design of the plastic mold , we can add hot runner in the mold structure if necessary

The advantage of hot runner is a lot :

Save plastic raw material

Shorten the molding cycle time , improve the injection machine productivity

improve the injected part surface texture

use less injection pressure , in this case , it low down the deformation of the plastic part which is with thin wall


Normally Clients will provide the samples or 3D drawing and other requirements and information of the injected Product . When we receive the all the information, Our engineers will do analysis to check the structure of the product , like the design can be realized 100% by injection molding or not . If there are some design of the product can not be achieve we will feedback the issue ,explain the reason and give solution proposal

After that we will make the mold drawing and we will run mold flow testing.

Before the manufacturing of the injection mold , we will provide the mold making progress file

and update our clients on every procedure

If you have any plastic mold project , pls contact us for Proposal and quotation

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