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Heating Element

The heating element converts electricity into heat through the process of resistive or Joule heating. Electric current passing through the element encounters resistance, resulting in heating of the element

Electric Heating element is widely used in different type of electrical appliance , house hold electrical appliance and industrial used electrical appliance .

heating element

EPT provides different types of heating element for electrical appliances. We provide heating element for rice cooker , toaster ,oven, electric BBQ appliance , electric water boiler, heater etc..

For the tubular heating element , , the material can be stainless steel sheathed tubing , or normal metal sheathed tubing , or iron with copper coated sheathed tubing

The heating element can be made in different shape and with different voltage and power , to distribute the heat in a proper way according to the construction of the appliance .

And according to different request , the heating element can be made with different terminal or flange, or different type of sealing .

If you need any heating element , pls contact us at any time


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