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Customised sheathed heating element, heating resistance

We supply OEM customised sheathed heating element, or it is called heating resistance , heating resistor .

And we can help you on the develoment. base on the heating element working evelopment and function you want it achieved, we can give our solutions and proposal.

We are making heating element ( tubular heater , heating resistors and heating resistance ) for home electric appliances , such as electric grill, pizza grill, baking oven, electric air-fryer , coffee machine, home used heater, water heater , or the tankless instant water heater.

Also we are making heating element for industrial used as well. like for the oil and gas industry , for the central heating & cooling system, or for the industrial power load bank , heater for industrial oven , washing equipment , or steam generator , for for the hotel used dish washe, or commercial used electric bolier, hotel used washing machine etc..

We are selecting the material base on your requirement , or we can suggest the suitable material for the heating tube .

it can be SUS304, AISA316, incoloy 800 , incoloy 840, copper and titanium all base on the power and working temperature of the heating element .

If you have project in need of heating element , feel free to contact us .


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