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Screw-in tubular heater, flanged sheathed heating element

Due to the different structure design of the electric appliances or electric machinery or heating equipment,

The heating element or tubular heater can be built with different connection for assembly in the electric appliance machine or cooling / heating system.

The tubular immersion heater can be made with different size flange in stainless steel material or copper .

The size of flange can be the standard one for each market, frange from 1" to 2.5" , can be metric standard or BS standard. at the connction of the flange , it cen be with terminal splice or screw for electricity connection

Also the immersion heater can make with a probe for temperature sensor for thermo control .

The sheath material ( heating tube material ) can be stainless steel 304, stainless steel316, incoloy800

incoloy 840, titanium ,copper etc...

The flange immersion heating element is widely used in oil and gas industry , or steel / metallic manufacturing plant

And the Titanium heaters are used in the galvanize industry.

The industrial heavy heating element are used in commerial or industrial liquid heating equipment or steam generating machinery .

Also the flanged immersion heaters are widely used for commercial dish washer , industrial washing machine or water bolier .

We have experienced engineers who are working in the heating element field for more than 10 years . we are able to assist you on the heating element development and manufacturing


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