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Plastic injection Molding

plastic injection mold

What is injection molding ?

Injection Molding is one of the manufacturing process for producing parts by injecting the raw material into a designed molded product. And this process has be widely used in manufacturing products which are made with different kind of material : Metal, glass, elastomers , thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers.

And injection molding is most commonly used process to produce plastic part. The common used plastic includes :

• ABS: Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene

• Nylon PA, PA66, PA+Glass fiber

• PC: Polycarbonate

• PP: Polypropylene


Plastic injection Molding manufacturing requires : Raw Material, Plastic Injection Machine , other

subsidiary machines , and designed plastic injection mold.

In the injection molding manufacturing process , to make the idea into real injected plastic part, it required careful and detailed design and consideration on a lot of aspects and direction

Plastic Raw material: this normally is decided by the application , construction, shape of the finished product

The design, manufacturing technique, mold material of the plastic injection mold is limited by a lot of aspects . Therefore to produce high quality plastic injection mold need high attention and professional experience. And the plastic mold play the core critical role in the plastic part manufacturing . It decide :

Quality of the plastic part: Structure and surface

Efficiency of production

Use amount of plastic raw material

All these directly affect cost of product , sales of product , reputation of your company.

it is a must to have good quality and suitable plastic injection mold to do the injection molding

EPT has been working on Plastic injection mold for more than 6 years. All the molds are OEM projects , being used for producing injection molded parts for Brand electric home appliance : like electric toaster , oven , electric cooker , BBQ device etc...

If you have any plastic injection molding, pls contact us , we are pleased to offer you the price and give you a proposal.

E.P.T. International Ltd

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